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“Rural ritual reigns”

Leisurely Hiking in the Tyrolean Mountains

With every season there is something to do in our pension in Kirchberg in Tyrol!


As soon as one arrives in the Austrian Alps and in Kirchberg especially, it is evident that the rhythm of our region is dictated by the seasons. 


Winter walking is a great way to enjoy the snow, there are many fine and well groomed winter walking tracks.  Take one of our sledges with you and enjoy the thrill of racing down the mountain. Don't expect to see too many cows though - they are in the barn keeping warm and being nurtured until the spring.


Spring hikers enjoy the beautiful expanses of alpine flowers, sometimes still popping up out of the snow.


Autumn hikers enjoy alpine hiking in the most stable weather conditions of the year. 


The moderate temperatures of summer allow avid walkers to enjoy hiking in Tyrol to the full by visiting the many rustic alpine huts.



  Hiking with the family in the Tyrolean Alps
Hiking with the family

Alpine Cheesemaking


There is nothing better than enjoying a cold beer or glass of fresh buttermilk whilst staring over the spectacular vista of the Kitzbuehler Alpen.  Its peaceful! Guests enjoy hearing the gentle sounds of the cow bells as the cows munch happily on the alpine pasture.  By stopping in to our local cheese maker “Kasplatzl” at the base of the Großer Rettenenstein one sees the cheese making in action and is welcome to sample our wonderful Alpine cheeses.

  Enjoy nature in the Tyrolean mountains
Be at one with nature

Hiking in Tyrol is characterised by its lush pastures and hiking in the Tyrolean Alps is safe and has a unique blend of gentle well trodden marked paths that still allow guests to find solitude and be at one with nature.


Flat hikes in the valley


When hiking in the Tyrolean Alps one is also spoilt for choice when it comes to flat valley walks.  There is a walking track for every level of interest and fitness. One favourite at Haus Alpenblick is to walk to Kitzbuehel via the "Black lake" (Schwarzsee), then hit the shops!  If you buy to much you can always catch the train back! Save some time though to stop and enjoy the Austrian Cafe Culture. 

Farmers in Tyrol have historically had a very short season to grow and harvest their produce.  To tide them over the snowy winter months they needed to be able to preserve their produce.  As you browse the menus of the alpine huts you will see many examples of this and please make sure that you sample the local Speck, our cured pork.  The forests covering our Mountains are stocked with blueberries, raspberries, cranberries and mushrooms so depending on the time of year look out for these on the menu.  Alternatively, help yourself whilst underway!  Towards the end of August look out for the apricots and let yourself be tempted by the lovely apricot cakes on offer in the huts.


All year round hiking in the Tyrolean mountains just can’t be avoided when visiting Haus Alpenblick in Kirchberg.  Take one of our great Nordic Walking tours and enjoy alpine hiking at its best.


Contact us to enquire about a culinary hiking trip in the Tyrolean mountains!

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