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Enjoy excellent beer with our Beer Sommelier

A Beer Sommelier in Tyrol?

The taster is tested!


Our resident Beer Sommelier, Chris, has an enthusiasm for beer and the world of brewing that is  is infectious.  His beer tastings tackle the experience of choosing and enjoying beer armed with some technical and scientific information, but not so much that the beer novice feels daunted!!


Visit Oktoberfest in Munich with our resident beer sommelier in Tyrol.

Spend a ski day with Chris dropping in at all the best huts according to a beer sommelier.

Visit local brewery Huber Bräu and dig into a hearty pork knuckle whilst sampling their sensational dark beer.

Sample delicate beers with even more delicate culinary delights during one of Emma's cooking with beer workshops!

  Tasting with Beer Sommelier Chris in Krichberg in Tyrol
Beer tasting with Chris

You don’t have to be a beer drinker to enjoy one of Chris’s beer tastings.  You will, however, be rewarded with a unique experience as your sensory palette is extended to the point where you are able to express what it is that your senses are experiencing.

  Excellent beer and tastings with beer sommelier Chris in Tyrol
Excellent beer

As Beer Sommelier Chris takes you on a veritable european beer tour with beers selected using criteria like; style, brewing tradition, modern or classical methods, ingredients, age, season of harvest and brew as well as yeast types. There will be a beer that is refreshingly new to you and that you enjoy or find interesting. The pursuit and goal of our Bier Sommelier is to combine your “chosen drop” with a food that truly compliments it.  Use all your senses and discover how our cuisine in Kirchberg in Tyrol pairs well with many beer varieties.

Contact us to enquire about a beer tasting with a sommelier in Tyrol. 

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