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Evening Entertainment at Haus Alpenblick

Whether you stay in or venture out in to the village at night entertainment is on offer

During the evening whether you choose to stay in or tour around there is lots to see and do.  Our House bar opens at 5 pm and Chris is there to serve you and hear about your day.  In our dining room guests are welcome to sit and relax after dinner and most stay for a drink at the bar.  The various bars in the village are a good place to enjoy the village atmosphere and at Haus Alpenblick in Kirchberg evening trips out are our forte.

  Carnival party in Kirchberg in Tyrol
Carnival at Haus Alpenblick

Join in on a memorable evening at Haus Alpenblick

Haus Alpenblick is a guesthouse in Tyrol where the evenings are as full of entertainment options as the daytime.  Sometimes evenings are a busy night with some groups of guests enjoying a beer tasting or just having a chat around the bar while others play board games or cards.  Other times they are a quiet night in.  Christmas Eve is a special evening with our famous secret present game and New Years Eve is a big hit with fireworks and lots of bubbly. Be sure not to miss our Golden Hammer Tournament, our most competitive night of the week. Be wary of getting in to drinking games with Doris, our mascot, as a seasoned Apres ski party girl she's a danger to us all.

  Night Walk by torchlight in Kirchberg in Tyrol
Night Walk

Night Walks by Torchlight

Get a group together yourself or join in with the rest of us, light your torches and lets go for a romantic walk to the best spot to view Kirchberg by night.  Walking during the mild evenings in kirchberg is a joy. In winter, the reflection and blueness of the snow is beautiful on a cold winters night and you will sleep so much better for having had the experience.   The walk takes approximately 1 hour with only minimal altitude difference.  Emma will make sure that she has steaming hot chocolate and mulled wine to treat you with upon your return.

  Krumpus night in Kirchberg in Tyrol
Krumpus visit

Festivals and Events in Tyrol

Music and Tradition are a big part of the culture here in Tyrol. As a guesthouse in Tyrol, at Haus Alpenblick guests are kept well informed. Every season has evening celebrations which are a delight for guests and locals alike. The Krumpus visit in November is a favourite of the Haus Alpenblick team and Emma and Chris take every effort to make sure that if there is an event on in the Kitzbuehel or Kirchberg Region they join in with their guests.

  Curling by night in the forest in Kirchberg in Tyrol
Curling in the forest

Night time excursions

There are lots of publicly arranged evening excursions and entertainment in Tyrol.  At Haus Alpenblick we strive to arrange private groups of guests staying with us to enjoy these events together. So whether it is curling in the forest, a group Horse and Sleigh ride in Winter or a Longest Day Party in Summer, as our guest you are always welcome.  

To join us for your next holiday in Tyrol send us an enquiry!

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