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Paragliding and Skydiving in the Austrian Alps

  Paragliding in Tyrol
Paraglide all year round in the Austrian Alps

Paragliding in the Tyrolean Mountains

Tandem Paraglide

All year round holidays in the Austrian Alps offer a great opportunity to get a view of the mountains from the air.  This is a must do as you fully appreciate the vastness and beauty of the Alps.

Learn to Paraglide in Austria

If you dream of flying - try one of our local Paragliding courses.  There are sort taster courses and longer courses that allow you to get your licence to fly. Contact us!

Solo Paragliding

If you hold a Paragliding Pilots Licence there are a multitude of opportunities for flying around Kirchberg.  Paragliding holidays in the mountains can also be arranged at Haus Alpenblick.  Need to get your paraglider tested whilst in Tyrol - at Haus Alpenblick its simple, just ask us to arrange it at our local Paraglide test centre.

  Hot Air Balooning in Tyrol
Haus Alpenblick Team helping out at the Kirchberg Balloon meet

Hot Air Ballooning in Tyrol

A scenic flight around the Alps in a Hot Air Balloon offers a fantastic view of the area.  Ballooning in Tyrol is big and during the International Balloon Cup in Kirchberg a scenic flight is a real insight in to the sport of ballooning. The festival, in September every year, is a fun packed week of activities and displays all about ballooning.  The Kirchberg balloon meet is loved by balloon enthusiasts because of the interesting thermic patterns in the Brixental and Aschau Valleys. Each year there is a balloon team staying at Haus Alpenblick and we all get out there to help the team set up and coordinate the many flights.

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