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When you feel like you need a restful and relaxing holiday - visit Haus Alpenblick and try one of our spa holidays in Tyrol

Revitalise yourself in Tyrol

Sometimes we all just need a rest and some peace and tranquillity. At Haus Alpenblick there are lots of possiblities to wind down and find calm.  Recharge your batteries with calm gentle walks, revitalising spa treatments and touring around in comfort. Enjoy some peace and quiet on your holiday in the Tyrol. If you find your self saying "I need a rest, I need a break and a holiday" visit us and take some time out.

  Gentle walking tour in Tyrol
Walks in the alpine nature

If you are on holidays in Tyrol and looking for peaceful relaxation and not too much exertion there are endless possibilities.  The walking is amazing here all year round.  If you are not into skiing, visitors in winter enjoy a vast selection of both mountain and valley scenic walks.  During the warmer months there are lots of opportunities to walk around the lakes and take a swim as well as enjoy informative wanders round Kirchberg and the neighbouring towns learning about alpine herbs, flowers, cheesemaking and nature within the area. Go out with Chris one day and learn archery at one of our well designed archery circuits nestled in the forest.  Take the time to make yourself completely still to allow you to aim at your target.

  Segway in Kirchberg in Tyrol
Hire a Segway

Environmentally friendly transport!

Electric bikes are great way to take the difficulty out of those tough steeper parts when cycling in the mountains.  The are a great option to ride as a couple or group as well because people of differing abilities can use more or less electric power.  There are also battery stations all over the area to allow you to swap your battery when you run out of power.  Hiring a Segway for the day is also a great way to get about and relax.

Spa Treatments and Massages

Relax on holidays in Tyrol and enjoy one of our spa treatments to take and relax in your room.  We have a range of relaxing beer products available that allow you to take some time to pamper yourself in the peace and privacy of your room.

Also on offer is a mobile massage service that comes to your room to pamper you with either a relaxing aromatherapy massage. Enjoy pure relaxation in Tyrol.


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