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Vacations in Kirchberg in Tyrol

Whether its above ground or below - walk, climb, or bike around this paradise

Challenge yourself to some steep mountain walks then put on a harness and climb vast cliff faces if you know how! Join in a beginners climbing course out in nature and start a hobby that is both good for your mind and your body.

Bring your bike on the ski lift and test your self hurtling down the mountain bike and down hill biking tracks.  Contact one of our staff to arrange a mountain biking technical workshop during your vacation in Tyrol. near Kitzbuehel.

  Hiking and mountain sports in the Alps in Tyrol
Mountain sports

Experience the Alps around Kitzbuehel

Vacations near Kitzbuehel that include hiking in the Tyrolean mountains offer a fantastic chance to clear your mind and work your body! So put some focus on moving and get your blood pumping in the fresh air.  Your hosts at Haus Alpenblick will point you in the right direction no matter what your holiday ambitions are.


  High rope garden in Kitzbuehel in Tyrol
High rope garden

Holiday pursuits in the Valleys

The valleys around Kirchberg offer a multitude of cycling and walking paths.  Many guests enjoy the challenges offered by the various high rope gardens in the area.  Segways and Trikes are a great fun sport option.  Best of all at Haus Alpenblick we like going deep in the earth and enjoying exploring some of the near by caves. An exhilarating experience for vacations in Kirchberg in Tyrol is a session on the Electric Motorcross Qantaya bikes or a paintball challenge.

Most equipment can be hired - you just need to ask, send us an enquiry now!

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