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Walking vacations in Kirchberg are a great chance to try walking in Tyrol

Walk and wander the mountains around Kirchberg all year round. Sample great hiking in Tyrol.

Throughout the entire year there are 15 well groomed and clearly sign posted walking tracks open in and around Kirchberg.  The walks generally last anywhere between 45 minutes and 3 and 1/2 hours.  Enjoy the pure air and breath taking scenery regardless of the season as your follow the river, walk up through cool forests. You pass historic mountain farms, modern ski lifts and lakes and reservoirs then down windy paths and roads through fields of flowers and cows, back to the rivers and valley floors. 

Walking in Tyrol will take your breath away.

Tyrol is a walkers paradise and at Haus Alpenblick the possibilities are limitless.  From Dawn walks, to kneipp pool walks, alpine herb and flower walks to snow shoe walking and walking to mountain huts to sample alpine cheese.

Walking vacations in Kirchberg in Tyrol offer a great chance to take a rest and recharge your batteries.

Contact us to find out what walking possibilities there are in the Kitzbuehel area during your holidays.

  Tyrol is a walkers paradise
Walking in the Austrian Alps

Dawn Walks

Rise early and experience the breathtaking breaking of the dawn over the Alp's.  Reward your self with breakfast on the mountain and put your self in the picture.

Yoga Walks

Walk with a qualified Yoga instructor. During your walk take regular breaks to work through Yoga poses and breathing exercises, to fully immerse yourself in this spectacular scenery and find tranquility.

Alpine Herb and Flower Walks

At Haus Alpenblick guests can join a walking tour around the village learning about alpine herbs and natural remedies used in our region. As an extension to this trip a visit and short walk to the alpine herb garden in nearby Brixen is a delight! The teas on offer are wonderful and a true labour of love.  The Alpine Flower Garden on the Kitzbueheler Horn is truly beautiful and is a good representation of the flowers growing in the area.  This is a good walk to do at the beginning of your stay so that on subsequent walks you know which flowers you see.

To enjoy the beauty of hiking in Tyrol, send us an enquiry.

  Winter walking in the Kitzbuehel Mountains
Winter walking in the Kitzbuehel Mountains

Winter walking in the "winter wonderland" of the Kitzbuehel Mountains

Walking in the snow is nothing short of spectacular.  There are many smooth, well groomed and marked walking paths that are wonderful for guests who aren't skiing or snowboarding.  Many routes allow you to meet up at lunch time with friends or family who maybe skiing.

A special tip of the house is to take a sled with you and take the fast route back! Contact any one of the team to book your sled.

Snow shoe walking is popular here too, and its enjoyable to be the first to leave your snow shoe prints on an open expanse of snow away from the pace of the ski slopes.  To try one of our snow shoe walks send us an enquiry.

  Archery in Tyrolin
Archery in nature

All year round Archery in Nature

Archery is a popular sport in Tyrol and a must try for guests on walking vacations in Kirchberg in Tyrol.  There are 3 well designed and maintained archery circuits on the outskirts of the village. The circuits are laid out a bit like a golf course in the sense that you stop at each target and shoot.  Whichever circuit you choose, the views are beautiful and archery is a peaceful way to relax.  Practicing being still in order to aim is a wonderfully calming way to challenge your mind to focus whilst relaxing. "Lakota" is high up on the side of the Sonnberg, "Bockern" is out towards Brixen and "Avalon" is on the way to Aschau.  The targets are life sized 2-D and 3-D still and moving targets that are to be found in beautifully tranquil forest settings.  Equipment is available and should be booked early enough with the Haus Alpenblick team to be assured of a place. Any age groups (above 7 years old) and guests of any fitness level will find enjoyment in archery.

  Kneipp pool walks and mud baths in Tyrol
Kneipp Walks

Kneipp Pool Walks

During the warmer months, idyllic Aschau has beautiful Kneipp baths (barefoot water circuits) in a small park just outside the village in the direction of the Große Rettenstein.  The tiny church in Aschau is especially worth a visit and so the purpose of your journey there could be twofold.

Kneipp pools, mud baths and barefoot walks are also available at the top of the Ski lift in Brixen at the Filzalm Lake.  You could partake in this invigorating experience before you started out on the Hexenwasser (Witches Waters) amble across to the interactive adventure circuit in the hills between Brixen and Söll.  This is an ideal walk for children and adults alike because of the attractions of witches, honey bees, a mini wild park and fairy stories.  Lunch can be enjoyed there whilst dangling your feet in the streams of water that run underneath your table.


Educational Nature Walking Tour

Deep in the valley, past the village of Aschau is a beautiful nature reserve where a nature trail begins at the Labalm Hut. The beauty of this trail is that it is a great circuit walk with 20 points of natural interest signposted along the way.  Each point deserves a few moments of contemplation.  At the very apex of the walk you are virtually on the border of Salzburg and Tyrol. Before turning north again, sit amongst the sheep, cows and horses and enjoy one of Emma's delicious packed lunches or picnic hampers. As one sits, breathes, relaxes and enjoys this beautiful spot, its easy to appreciate being so far from anything.

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